Sandler Training, Direct Impact Associates, LLC, is a professional development services company providing training programs in sales and sales management, customer service, leadership and communications.  We provide our client companies a personalized development experience in our training center located in Albany, NY and onsite at their business locations.  The programs are professional level, focusing on knowledge and awareness, and continuing with ongoing reinforcement to achieve a higher level of success. 

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Destiny is Controlled by CHOICE!

Deep in your inner heart, you know that no outside forces are to blame for your success or lack of it in the sales business. Success doesn't come from the alignment of the planets or the stars. Read more...

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Dan Mori - Recruitment

Jarrod Goddard - Advertising

Mark Wallace - Manufacturing

Mark Wallace with Boss Manufacturing discusses how Sandler Training has helped all aspects of his business.


Thu 04/24

PC: Getting Commitments that Stick

Thu 04/24

FND: Elements and Terms of an Up-Front Contract

Thu 05/01

PC: Selling to Groups/Multiple Decision Makers

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